See Below for current class descriptions. Please check back often as the schedule does change. If you have a new class desire or suggestion, we’d love to hear from you – please contact Program Coordinator Denise Rose



Our Current Group Fitness Offerings


Body Sculpt Yoga: Strength Building Vinyasa flow class that focuses on sculpting your whole body while flattening and strengthening your core

Cardio Kick Boxing: Combination of Plyometrics, Kickboxing, Intervals and much, much more!

Club Dance: Fun dance aerobics in a low impact format. Last 15 minutes of upper body weights, abs and stretching.

Group Strength: An athletic based workout that uses a barbell and \¥eight plates that are adjustable to \Vork every major muscle group in the body.

Monday Mania!: Cross Training focused on both aerobic and strength training in ever changing 1 minute intervals.

The Power Hour: Cardio workout using one minute intervals designed to keep your heart rate elevated throughout!

Parkinson's Class: Building strength, power and flexibility for people with Parkinson's Disease.

PIY0: A low-impact cardio workout with continuous movement through traditional yoga and Pilates moves.

Step Class and Step/Sculpt Class: Class using step board and free weights for high and low intensity impact.

Tone/Body Blast: Class using a combination of body weight and equipment to work your entire body.

Tai Chi: Class emphasizing breathing, balance and strength.

Weekend Warrior Workout: High intensity cardio/strength class using one minute intervals interspersed with weight training for an all over body workout. Instructor can accommodate class to all fitness levels.

FITNESS INSTRUCTORS: Sheila Chrisman, Gary Van Guelpen, Debi Hornsby, Deena Owens, Sue Sattler, Elise Smith, Leanna Weissmann.