Welcome to the Aurora Recreational Community Center, or what many people affectionately call “the ARCC!” “Excellent equipment … family atmosphere … knowledgeable staff … convenient location … great basketball gym!” These are just a few of the recent member comments when asked in a month long survey to describe what they like best about the Aurora Recreational Community Center.

To date over 1300 members and countless visitors have experienced memorable life events at the ARCC which continues to be well received by the community. Investments to date totaling $570,000 by the City of Aurora and additional supporters such as the Dearborn Community Foundation, the Rising Sun Regional Foundation, the City of Lawrenceburg Community Grant Program, local businesses and citizens insures the ARCC’s ability to continuously expand quality programs and group fitness as well as the ability to host a wide range of requested community events.

From cardio workouts to weight training. From basketball to baseball. From aerobics to step. And from fitness to community fun and education – the ARCC and its experienced, certified staff can help you discover numerous opportunities to play, train or just enjoy life!